Service Studio provides valuable support for change management, because it allows you to track an element across an eSpace, narrowing the locations where it's being used. This feature is the Find Element Usages operation, which presents a list with all locations where the element is being used in your eSpace.

Note: Find Element Usages is different from the Find tool: the latter simply searches for a text string in your eSpace, while the former searches for the use of an element by other elements. For example, the web screens where a web block is being used.

How to use the Find Element Usages:

Right-click on the element in the eSpace Tree or on the Content Canvas and select the Find Usages... option. The Element Usages tab is displayed.

The Element Usages tab Show picturedisplays the list of all elements that are using the searched element, with the following information:

Using the Element Usages Tab

The listed usages are, by default, sorted by Location, but you can also sort them by the other columns: Name, Property, and Element by clicking on the header of the column.

To analyze one location of the element usage, double-click the corresponding row, and Service Studio displays the element that is using it, highlighting the Property where the usage is.

To move to the next occurrence press F3.

To replace the element usages by another element, press the Replace all usages with... button. See Replace Element Usages.

To close the Element Usages tab, press the Close button.

Note that Find Role Usages will only find and display in this window those screens where the Role was explicitly checked and not automatically "inherited" because either the Anonymous or the Registered were checked.

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