OutSystems Platform displays a loading screen by default, while prefetching static resources. This screen is customizable to your needs.

To display a custom screen while prefetching static resources, do the following:

  1. In the environment management console, navigate to the application detail screen;
  2. Under 'Operation' upload the HTML and CSS you want to use for the loading screen;
  3. Publish the application to start using the new settings.


In this example we’ll display a custom progress bar, while prefetching resources in the Directory app. This application manages employee information.

Instead of starting from scratch, we can reuse the default loading screen and adapt it to our needs. In the environment management console, you can download the default HTML and CSS files:

After downloading the files, customize them to your needs. When you're finished, upload them in the environment management console. Finally, deploy your application to start using your custom loading screen.




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