What's New in Agile Platform 7.0

OutSystems keeps pushing the bar in simplifying the life of those who need to build and maintain mission critical business applications.

Version 7.0 of the Agile Platform, marks a new age, with the simultaneous launch of the .Net and Java stacks, allowing great applications to be built with the latest innovations no matter what underlying technology you’re relying on.

This version introduces a new component, called LifeTime, that simplifies managing the full lifecycle of your enterprise application portfolio.

On top of this, 7.0 brings a new set of multi-tenancy capabilities, dramatically simplifying the way you build applications that require full data isolation among different companies or departments.

Rounding out this release is a set of platform improvements for extensibility, configuration and stack support providing a tailored fit in your Enterprise IT landscape.

We hope that with this information you'll have what is required to know how you can take the most benefits out of the Agile Platform 7.0.
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Published by Arlindo Lima
on 2012-07-31