What's New in OutSystems Platform 8

This document provides a light overview of all the changes and new capabilities that we have introduced in this version of the OutSystems Platform.

Considering that some of the changes have been rolled out throughout the lifecycle of this major version, we’ve clearly identified the new capabilities with the build number they have been added in. Check, for example, the items marked with 8.0.1 to see what has been released of the 8.0.1 update.

OutSystems Platform 8

The OutSystems® Platform 8 is all about empowering IT to deliver great applications users love to use, independently of the device they’re working on.

When designing and modeling your applications, you now have an improved WYSIWYG screen designer, derived from extensive research on usability and visual design best practices. Building highly usable and appealing interfaces, that work across devices, is now simpler than ever. You no longer require deep technical knowledge or CSS hacks that hinder maintainability to create pixel-perfect HTML5 web applications. The OutSystems Platform takes care of the complexity for you.

LifeTime, the component that gives you simplified staging and visibility over your entire factory, has been enhanced to provide a powerful way to monitor the performance your users are experiencing with your applications, from the moment they click until the moment they can work on the result. Instead of looking at system specific metrics, that don’t provide insight into the real user experience, you will become aware of real issues and be able to react fast, even before users let you know they have a problem.

Version 8 brings you a lot more. Be sure to check the new APIs and extension mechanisms, which allow you to go beyond what is provided out of the box, and extend the platform and applications to your specific business needs.

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Published by Gonçalo Borrêga
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