Automatically cleanup Temporary Asp.NET Files

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Following the original thread at https://www.outsystems.com/NetworkForums/ViewTopic.aspx?Topic=How-To%3A-Optimizing-Disk-usage-by-Temporary-ASP-.NET-Files, it would be a piece of mind having this automated cleanup built-in in the Platform Server for .NET.
Created on 6 Jan 2012
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This is a great idea.

However, If the application server type can be used to .NET and/or J2EE, this idea should be for both server types.

Great idea...

Hope in the future it will have this and other maintenance guidelines in the service center...

I also clean the IIS logs for more thant 60 days...That is more straightforward and common in other sites/applications we have...

I would like to see the guidelines below in service center in a area of maintenance (already there is some cleaning of espaces why not the rest or a link for the page below). If it has scripts to run automatically even better.