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Congrats for the implement this feature.

It would be nice to also have an import/export action

Thank you so much 

Igor Khodak

Created on 7 Jan (2 weeks ago)
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Hi, Igor!

Thank you so much for your idea. Could you please elaborate on why you would need to import/export?

Happy 2021!



Main reason is backup because service studio sometimes loses it,

but it also depends on the user’s imagination, for example organization.

Import/Export is very useful. Had to ship my laptop fo repair I manually copied over the files from old to temp laptop so not to lose all connections. Then when my laptop came back (with OS reset) I had to do the same again.

Alternatively if we could define the location where SS settings are stored, I could stored them on a google drive or microsoft onedrive. And be able to use them from different devices without the import/export.

Great idea! Especially the option to define where to store these setting like Daniël Kuhlmann said. This way we don't have to worry about making manual backup.

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On our radar

Thank you so much for your comments, your use cases are clear now! :-)  Already marked it as on our radar.

Keep the ideas coming and happy 2021. 

Stay safe,


Nice idea!! A password protected export/import of the encrypted file would be secure enough.