More advanced debugger watch functionality

On our radar
It would be really helpful to have the option to add specific functions to be watched like a normal debugger does
Created on 10 Jan 2012
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Can you enlighten us a bit more?

what is a normal debugger?
what do you mean with the specific functions?

Hi Joost,

By a normal debugger I meant any debugger on any other platform like .Net.

To be able to define functions as watch values is to define something like Function(RecordList.Current.Record.Value) as a term to be evaluated.

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but adding even some basic debugging functionality to Platform 10 would have seemed logical. It is extremely painful to interrogate values of certain entitiy properties or output of functions without being able to evaluate it in a watch. Is OutSystems planning ondoing something about this sometime in the future ?

Better to resurrect old ideas than to create new ones!

It is a very need feature to inspect things without making changes do app/module just for debug.