WS-Security for web services

By Kilian Hekhuis on 12 Jan 2012
Several 3rd party web services we need to consume use WS-Security, which forces us to create extensions for them, instead of using the platform's native web service references. It would be nice if WS-Security, being a well-defined standard, works out of the box with the platform.
Miguel Melo12 Jan 2012
Seconded. WS-Security is quite a common thing these days.
Pedro Ávila24 Jun 2013
More... I need that feature too.
José Antunes28 Jun 2013
+1 here!

I'm coding an extension for one of these ws right now...
Kilian Hekhuis1 Jul 2013
And it wouldn't be so bad if Integration Studio was user-friendly, but instead I had to hand code hundreds of structures, because it doesn't even allow copy/paste :((
José Antunes1 Jul 2013
That's even more frustrating when we have all the structures we need in Service Studio and can´t copy them...
Yes, I am also trying to look for WSS feature with X.509 Certificate