Be able to use a thousand seperator in an edit record

By Tommy on 23 Jan 2012
Some built in ways to show numbers with thousand seperators would be good!


Lennart Kraak24 Jan 2012
Doesn't the Built-In function FormatDecimal do the trick for you?
Tommy24 Jan 2012
Normally yes, but I was thinking for Edit Widgets you could format the text boxes? I know you can do it with Javascript but I think it should be a simple formatting selection like in Access.

In an edit record you could set an onchange on the input field and convert the number by the FormatDecimal and refresh the the input field again.
Tommy25 Jan 2012
Hi Evert,

You might need to help me with that a little bit. How to a display text in the input field when the underlying variable is a decimal/integer?



I need to check if the answer I say is also possible for an edit record, don't know for shure if it can be applied there. I come back on this (probably tomorrow).

I think you need the change the subject of your WotC post to: 'Be able to use a thousand seperator in an edit record'.

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