Notification After 1CP


Any publish that takes more than 1min can encourage the developer to start other task and forget the publishing.

A Notification popup when the module finishes publishing, like skype/teams/browser but for 1CP, would be a nice reminder to go back coding.

Possibility to enable/disable by module.

Created on 4 Feb (3 weeks ago)
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Hi Diogo,

When you click 1CP, and move to another module to do work, a 1CP icon is shown on the module when the 1lCP finished. 

The 1CP log also shows information even the time it was finished

Isn't that enough visual feedback that it finished?



Hi Daniel thanks for the message,
Well its enough if you keep working on servicestudio, but if you use multiple platforms for multiple tasks it's not, and that is the reality right now, with multiple development tools, chat apps, email, Jira, Zeplin and so on... You can easily be distracted. So a reminder in the topp/bottom corner of the screen would be nice, I can give examples:

Or something more customized:

Best Regards,


This was basically the original ask that ended up being the icon on the tab. The icon on the tab is great, but 100000% agree we want a notification and maybe a sound too.


This idea would be really useful imo. 

I know about the green checkmark on the tab and yes we have the publish log but there are countless times when I start another task outside of Service Studio because I'm waiting for the publishing to finish and end up taking longer to get back to code. Even if I just take a couple of minutes to get back to code, I think it affects my productivity and the sound/popup notification would really help.

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Use check/failed icon to alert the publish is finished with success/error.

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