Visual Information for outdated Dependencies


It would be great to have a visual feedback when we have dependencies to update or even when they are outdated and need some action to validate and update them.

A preview of what could be to help us.

This could be validated when opening the module (as it is already being done) but it would give a visual feedback even when we don't have breaking dependencies.

 It could also be checked after publishing for example.

As this would only validate the used dependencies, probably wouldn't take as much time/effort like when we open the popup itself.

Created on 12 Feb (13 days ago)
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It is a good one, Miguel. Getting a visual feedback is always eye catching. My vote goes for it. The only concern (or, maybe it isn't) which I see is a potential delay with the post-publishing part.


You can use the shortcut key CTRL+Q to quickly access the popup for managing dependencies and verify which dependencies could/must be refreshed. You can then quickly refresh them all by clicking the button "Refresh All". I do this before just before publishing.

I know that it is not the same as the visual indication that you are suggesting but from my experience in the Development environment where constant development is happening, the icon will just be constantly showing the blue circle.

For me better suggestion would be to have a direct shortcut key to refresh all dependencies or do it automatically when publishing (or at least have a setting that could control this).

--Tiago Bernardo

As OutSystems is a visual development platform, I agree with you.

We all know that every time you open the module or there are break changes when you publish, the outdated dependencies is already being done. But it's this type of small details that makes this platform great.