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Having the possibility to remove the help from right click, because the help appears now in the same place that paste was before. So now I'm clicking it a lot of times :(

This can be a option in settings, for example.

Created on 18 Feb (7 days ago)
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I actually reported this to OutSystems yesterday's but not to remove it but, to add it to the bottom of the popup 

Agree with Daniel, as we need Help feature as it is very useful but we can add it to bottom of the section.

Yup, that works too, just move it from the paste usually place :P. I'm hitting help so much times :(

Yes! And the "help" button is where the "Add Breakpoint" option was and now I am clicking on help a lot of times!

Changed the category to AI/ML and the status to

On our radar


Thank you for sharing your feedback and ideas on how to improve this feature.
We're listening you, we will keep collecting feedback to evolve the feature.

Have a nice day!
Magda Pereira

Agree with Daniel,  it is very useful but we can add it to bottom of the section.


Cv sharma

Thank you Magda

Yes please, the Add Breakpoint option should be number 1.