Image Widget with mime type property


Hello everybody,

Just like the title says.
It would be great if, when we choose the Database type in an image widget, we could fill a "mime type" property (of type text) using an expression. This parameter shouldn't be mandatory in order to allow backwards compatibility.

The behavior would be:
- If mime type = "" then the platform does its "guessing game" like it does now;
- if mime type is <> "" then the platform will use this as the mime type for the image to render;

This way we can control the rendering if we know the exact mime type of the image, which we usually do since it's good practice to store it in the database. this will avoid issues with svg files not being rendered correctly and forcing us to use "external type" on the image.

Created on 22 Feb (3 days ago)
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Hi Gonçalo,

You can use the following component to get the mime type by the binary using the magic numbers.


Thanks David,

It's a useful extension, I'll take a look at it.
Nevertheless, the idea still stands ;)

I hope Outsystems considers this, as SVG and other vector type images are being more and more used nowadays.