Round function should allow round precision

By João Campos on 12 May 2010
Builtin round function should enable one to indicate the round precision:
Round(number, precision)


Number is the value to round
Precision: number of decimal places after round (if positive), number of position to the left side of the decimal separator where to round (if negative).

J.12 May 2010

I agree, there should be more and better Math functions.

Also give the possibilty to say witch should be round (upper left/right and zo on).
Joop Stringer19 Jul 2010
And have the ability to add trailing zero's ... specially for currency/decimal calculation and display.

There is a special javascript function to do so:
parseFloat( value ).toFixed(2);

Pedro Oliveira2 Jun 2011
Wish granted!

With 6.0 you can specify the number of decimal digits for the round function.