Debug several eSpaces

By Carlos Freitas on 9 Feb 2012
If we are in Debug mode and the action references some action / page from an external eSpace we should be able to continue debugging (at least if we had the 2 eSpaces opened in Service Studio)
That is already possible.

For the referenced eSpace:
- Open it in service studio,
- Set a breadpoint,
- Click debugger and select 'select entry eSpace',
- Click debugging in public area

Now you can call the action from the public property of the selected entry espace and you action will be debugged.
Kilian Hekhuis16 Feb 2012
Yeah, but that's not very user friendly, and often it fails for some reason.

It indeed can be more user friendly :).

For me it works every time...

João Melo8 May 2015
Guys, when I click 'Select entry eSpace', the only option I get is '(this eSpace)'.

What can I do??
Tiago Neves8 May 2015
You must do that step in the referenced eSpace.
Kilian Hekhuis8 May 2015
Sometimes you don't see them because the consumers aren't published after publishing the consumer. But such a question should really be in a separate forum thread, not on this idea!
João Melo8 May 2015
I don't know why, but it worked today... Thanks folks..
Rebecca Hall8 May 2015
It would be better to just turn on the debugger than selecting entry espace.  Its difficult getting debugger to catch.
João Melo8 May 2015
Totally agree with Rebecca... So it is still an idea!
Gavin Horne2 Jul 2015
Also agree with Rebecca, very flaky behaviour, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, depends on how I hold my tongue when starting the debugger I think :)