Counter Softwares Units by User

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Create an Drashboard or an table, showing the balance, o much each user are using of software units. for know who are using more! and if he can down the value de software units... 
Created on 9 Feb 2012
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I would be more intresed in how many software units are used by screen/action level then by user. Made a WotC about this a while ago: Click

Think you must also keep in mind that users may have the possiblity to develop 'too clean' to keep the SU down.
my idea is count how much of SU's was developed, by each developer...
Why would you like to see it by developer? Otherwise what would be you're advantage? I know in 6.0 you can see which person was the last in a screen, but I think it's gonne be very hard to keep track which developer made which action or even deeper which developer made which statement/assign and so on.
so that i look who developed more or less SU's and he(developer) are monitored, for no create useless actions.. or actions who consuming SU's a lot! its one idea... it's one idea.. ;)
An idea is always good :).

Was just wondering why you want to have an overview of it by user (apart from the fact that it would be hard to realise).