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Created on 24 Feb 2012
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link doesn't seems to work....
It was a spam post. It must have been deleted.

Now I understand the idea :).

Wouldn't it be better to make use of the reCAPTCHA widget?

It's annoying for us, but it prefents the spam post....

Annoying spam posts are still submitted:

Mark post as spam would be a very nice feature!

Liking this idea. 

One nice way to avoid it : At the creation of a new topic, just add captcha...

Especially cause of this:

Great idea, especially with the spammers becoming more active like Niels pointed out.

Still a relevant issue in the Forum. A flag option would be nice.

Changed the status to
Not right now

Hi André,

We reduced a lot the spam posts since we implemented a set of validations.

We are controlling all the new users and new posters in the community. So we are not planning on delivering this in the near future. 

Nonetheless, thank you very much for your idea, and keep it coming. 



Hello Debasis. We from the OutSystems MVP are tasked with such an effort, and we already have tools to deal with spam. We always try to keep the forums clean, but unfortunately you might come across some spam content while we're distracted with something else :)

Or, as an alternative, it can be good to have a captcha to prevent non-human posts.


The spam we are seeing are all human posts, unfortunately, so that won't help, it'll just annoy regular posters.

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You're right! OutSystems is on it, this has become a bit of a problem.

There needs to be more security in place but also specific spam filtering tools in place.

Yes please .

This is something being worked on, so I'd consider this Idea WiP :). I'll see if I can get OS to acknowlegde that.

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This will clean the posts.

This could be a good feature to report posts that violate the community guide lines on posting on the forum. On the other hand, the MVPs are closely watching the forum, and most spam posts get deleted within minutes of them being posted.

Idea, where the community helps to get, rid of those spam post, great!

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