CSS disabling on screen edition

By André Ramos on 7 Mar 2012
Sometimes the CSS puts the elements in awkard positions to later edit the elements. It would be nice to have the option to edit the screen while seeing it with no CSS applied. So there would be a button next to the OutlineMode that would disable or enable it.
Do you speak about disabling the css in service studio? (since you're talking about disabling it when editing the screen).
André Ramos8 Mar 2012
Yes, I'm talking about disabling the CSS in Service Studio while editing the screen. To be able to see all elements, disregarding their style.
That would really be usefull!

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J.9 Mar 2012
great idea, similar idea as mine: http://www.outsystems.com/wisdomofthecrowds/IdeaComment_List.aspx?IdeaId=982
but this one is told better :)