Option to turn off notifications on ideas/components/posts

It would be very useful if we had an option to choose whether or not we want to receive notifications from comments in ideas, forge components or forum posts (either mine or from others)

This could be implemented with a checkbox on the idea / component / post. If the checkbox is picked, the email alert would not be triggered. The default value for the checkbox would be unpicked, resulting in an email being sent (maintaining the current behaviour).

Here an example for an existing idea that I liked or comment:

Here another example for a new idea that we are creating:

A useful idea to keep mailboxes clean!

Hi Inês,

You can already set up those notifications in your community profile's Email Preferences. Isn't that what you're looking for?


Hi Ricardo,

Yes, but my idea is to turn off only in certain ideas/components/posts and not to turn them off in  ALL of them :)

2020-02-04 07-58-32
Matthias Preuter


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2016-04-21 18-13-58
Nuno Rolo

Instead of having several configurations/options all over the place, maybe review the way we are notified it's the best option. Something such as receiving one mail per day or week with a resume of what happened with the ideas that I follow.

For example, the email can show a list with the title and link to the idea and information saying that it has 20 new likes, 3 new comments, the category changed or marked as implemented/ in our radar.

2020-04-15 12-37-36
Daniël Kuhlmann

Isn't the follow idea button specifically available for this purpose? Similar button is also available for forum questions and discussions.