Show us the release-plan

On our radar
I'm sure more people have the same issue, but since we do not know the release schedule of the platform  we have to guess when a new version is being made public.

Some companies are dependant on other people when they have time to deploy a new revision. It could be in days or weeks when the person has time to deploy the new version. But in the meantime, or even on the day itself or a day later a new version may be released. (for example, today I know my person will be installing .14, but I also noticed the .15 has just been released)
I am too late to be able to tell him to wait, because the .15 came as a surprise.

In conclusion, give us a roadmap on revision-updates, so we can act accordingly.

I am not expecting to get a full fix-list upfront, but a roadmap would be nice so we can plan our upgrades as well.

Created on 12 Mar 2012
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