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So, there is a lot of elements, like screens, blocks, folders, etc, you understand the point, and sometimes they are all open, and a good practice working as a team that I follow is to close everything and then publish our module. 

I follow this practice to save some time for my colleague when opening the module.

So my idea is to have a button to maximize and minimize everything in our module to save some time instead of doing manually. We will get a better experience working on the OutSystems Platform.

This could be buttons, a dropdown, or icons to those actions that I said to minimize or maximize everything in our module.


Márcio C.

Created on 29 Apr (10 days ago)
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You can do that using CTRL + Left Mouse on each folder

Are you going through all the tabs(data, logic, screens, processes), every time you want to publish and you have everything open? waste of time and it's kinda "boring".
It's almost the same thing about the warnings, you can remove all the warnings in just one click are you going to remove them one by one?

what we could have is, a way of putting as settings, everytime we publish, everything closes

PS: I know the CTRL + Left Mouse 

Why you want to do this on every publish? I never ever have done that.

Just an example, it doesn't need to be that, there is a lot of options, my idea here is just to my experience to be more fluid, and I don't need to go to each tab or each folder, each action, each block, each...(u know) an close, when I can do that just with a click.

Still CTRL + Left Mouse works on folders and subfolder at once you don't have to do it all one by one.