Test with functions inputs inside aggregates

Builtin & User functions

Enable testing functions inside the aggregate with the inputs as well as the final output of the function which in many cases can be an id which is unknown to the user on a given environment.

The developer is much more likely to know the input (these functions inside aggregates also dont show on debug unless it is explicitly taken out of the aggregate).

Created on 9 Jun (3 days ago)
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Hi André,

I try to understand your idea, but I fail. We can already use test values on the Test Value tab of an aggregate.



Hi Daniel, it was a rushed job.

In the Test Value tab, if the aggregate has a function in the filters for example, then in the test value (as per the picture) you will be able to enter a value for the function but it can only be the final output of that function example:

I would have to enter the CountryId which I am unlikely to know (without checking the DB) but I am likely to know the Country Name I am testing. So I would want to test the aggregate using the input value to the function rather than the output value.

Does that make sense? 

Yes now it is more clear.