No downgrade of components when publishing Solution

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The system should not downgrade components (especially in System Components) when publishing a Solution from a lower version server to a higher version number server.

Created on 4 Apr 2012
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Please don't.

In my experince sometimes older versions are used in a new solution. Saying when you bring a new solution to production something can stop working since on that server the solution was published with another version of a component since there was a newer version on the production server. If there are some changes made in those components this will generate errors.
What about the solutions already deployed on that server, which get completely, utterly destroyed when you deploy an Solution from an older server, and all of the system components get wrecked?

I stopped used "Solutions" because of this, my clients have different versions of Platform Server amongst each other, meanwhile, I have one Platform Server, and if I use Solutions, I destroy many of their environments because we are out of sync!


Hello Justin,

Now I know what you mean. I can understand your problem but I must say that I think that as a supplier for the software 'we' must provide a development environment that is the same version of the customer. Even better, have the customer to have their own development environments.

That being said, I know about the problem when working with different solutions, it can always get you in real troubles when a new solutions have eSpaces/extentions that are also used by other solutions. At the place I work now this is 'solved' by having one massife solution where everything is placed in. If something goes to production, this solution is first publiced on development to know no other eSpaces or extensions is giving any problems. Disadvantage is that the publishing time is taking more time. But at the end, I think thats the only solution for this. Else you also can keep getting outdated references.

It would be nice if it would be possible to have multiple solutions where if a new solution is published, the other solution keep 'connected' to the older verions of the shared eSpaces/extensions.

Kind regards,
Unfortunately, as someone who has 3 - 5 active clients at any given time, maintaining that many development environments is a huge burden and expense. I work with small clients on a freelance basis, so I really do not have the facilities to have unlimited environments... my servers are overburdened as it is!

I think the answer to this would be a simple checkbox in the publish process. :)


I go with the checkbox for the selection that must be made :)