Uploading an OML to "Solutions" should give a good error

By Justin James on 4 Apr 2012
If you are in Service Center and go to Solutions and try a 1 click publish of an OML, it gives a hard-to-understand compilation error, not something useful.


Don't really understand this one. When going to SC and solutions you can't publish a OML, only a OSP.

From you're title I understand you add an OML to an OSP and that gives errors?

Or is the just the publish of the solution itselfs?

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Justin James19 Apr 2012
The system allows you to upload an OML, but instead of giving a useful error (like, "sorry, this is an eSpace OML, I was expecting a Solution OSP instead"), it gives you a bizarre error from the Zip extension or a Zip library.


Just tried it and now exactly know what you mean.


(I have added the error message that is displayed in the attachement.)