Add option to Lists to show selected row

By Gerry on 6 Apr 2012
It would be very useful to add an option to the List objects to highlight or display some sort of indicator on the currently selected row. This needs to work back and forth across pages as well.
How do I need to see this for me?

As a user you select a row which becomes highlighted and stays hightlighted?

What would be the advantage of that? Maybe give example where it would be usefull?
Gerrit Jurányi22 Aug 2016

To select a row and do something with the row values with a button? Edit, or delete for example.


Don't see much advantages to have it as an option for the list. It's a really custom thing (delete button or icon, first column or last etc). So better implement it by own logic then have it as an option for the list. But that is mine opinion (-: