Advanced Actions

By enigma on 15 Apr 2012
Howabout an action, in which .Net can be coded directly?

In case something is needed, that cant be covered with the standard OS actions,
it could be coded quickly within an advanced-action, instead of having to switch to VS etc
enigma20 Apr 2012
thank you for the info

i recently thaught that it might be a good idea, also being able to code ABAP in these advanced actions.

which could greatly increase the acceptance in the SAP world, regarding the advantages of agile platform in comparison to webdynpro, as the developers can reach for a familiar language (ABAP)
J.23 Apr 2012
I still don't see the advantage.

Don't overcomplicate service studio please :)

Let hardcore-programming stay in integration-studio (which should get an upgrade)
enigma23 Apr 2012
dont get me wrong, it should be a simplification.
regarding outsystem guidelines, programming should be avoided as much as possible (ie. IF's in a parameter value)

these actions should "only" serve, to cover functionalities that are not covered by the standard (ie. generate a random number, within a certain range)

and once the according functionality is published by outsystems, the advanced action can be replaced.

the idea is basically aimed at saving time with visual studio, integration studio etc... so you can simply drag-drop and start coding directly