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When you start using the analytic part of service center there are some things not going very well:

- You can select day's where the data isn't available for anymore. It would be nice if only days, where there data is still available, could be selected

- With the between dates selections, the date is filled with the current date time, it would be nice if the time was default set to 0:00:00 since you mostly searching for data from a whole day, not by the hour.

Then some improvements to make:

- Be able to export the report to excel.

- Be alble to generete a schedule for you'r own report (now it only generate top errors and slow sql). So you can define which report must be made when (like slow screen every week)

- WIth the top error report, being able to jump to the errorlog in servicecenter with the error filled so you can see the error (but espcialy the details) yourself.
Created on 18 Apr 2012
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