"USERS" management application: Permission sets for Enterprise Cloud Application

On our radar
This issue has been discussed internally with outsystems staff/outsystems product management.

It is a feature relating to outsystems user management application: USERS.

Use case: User wants to manage multiple orgranisations in a multi-teant Enterprise SaaS/Cloud Application.

USERS current solution:
-To address the problem with the current USERS application
1 user/person, needs to create multple user profile per orgranisation.

Administration of multiple user profile for the same user/person and trying to keep all users profile for this same user in sync becomes very painful.

USERS new solution:
-1 person should have only 1 user profile only with multple permission sets.

A permission sets enables Administrators to manage user role profile requests without affecting all users tied to the same user role profile and without creating one-off user role profiles.

This issue is better explained in a presentation presented by salesforce.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arXxUgH9cD4 salesforce.com explains the user profile problems faced faced with large enterprise customers and how they have solved the problem with their 2012 profile 2.0 - permission sets feature.

Note: PermissionSet is a new feature to salesforce.com and it has only been addressed and will be released later this year (2012). On the other hand xero.com a leading ondemand accounting platform has already implemented PermissionSets from day one,  reference link: https://help.xero.com/Help/Settings_UsersRoles.htm
Created on 23 Apr 2012
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