Open up Users eSpace to the public

By Joop Stringer on 5 May 2012
Now I always create my own login / change password blocks because of language or layout problems. Would be nice to have this generally available.
If the User eSpace becomes public, it must also be removed from the systems component solution.

Since else upgrading the platform (and publising the components solutions) will generate errors since the refferences are different again.
Rebecca Hall30 May 2012

Included in V6.  Needs to be marked as "done"

Joop Stringer1 Jun 2012
@Rebecca, tell me where I can find it and adapt it to my own needs  ... it's a system eSpace
Rebecca Hall4 Jun 2012

The "Directory" espace is the espace being used to store user information.

We've added an open source version of the Users application to the "How to build a multi-tenant application" resource.
We will not be opening the default Users espace, as it would cause our customers several problems if they customize it and then need to upgrade to the latest version. 
However, on top of the open source espace in the above mentioned resource, you can also request a clone of the latest version of the users espace open to the Technical Support.
Kevin Suen30 Apr 2016
If anyone is stumbling upon this in 2016 here's the new link to "How to build a multi-tenant appiication".