Daniël Kuhlmann
Show On Forge component page for which MABS version the plugin is compatible with
Community Forge

It would be nice if on the Forge page of a Mobile Plugin there is information shared for which MABS  version this plugin is tested succesfully with or is compatible with.

We currently can only see for which OutSystems version it is compatible with.

Hi Daniel,

This is really good idea, and we should also add some information on mobile plugins that is it compatible with PWA distribution or not.

As now a days PWA distribution is getting more popularity/demand, it will be easy for developers to identify what is supported or not.


Preeti Kumari

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your support all the time,

It would be absolutely helpful for developers  to display the supportive MABS version and also if it can be distributed as PWA or not as Preethi Mentioned.

And have a filter that allows to search for specific MABS versions!