Provide full RichWidgets documentation

By Iain Fogg on 25 May 2012
The RichWidgets components seem to be like the ugly sister of the product, where they don't have the same level of information as the rest of the system. 

Can we have full documentation for each widget, action and parameter in the same way that the rest of the system is documented?
Kilian Hekhuis29 May 2012
Yeah, I've always wondered why there's so little information about these components, while they're an integral part of the overall solution.
Alberto Ferreira21 Jan 2015
I full agree with the necessity of more information on that component !!!
André Vieira29 Jan 2015
HI all,

A how-to as been published in the Forge about this.
Alberto Ferreira29 Jan 2015
Thanks!! Better than nothing