Exit Loop

By enigma on 27 May 2012
what about an element, to exit/quit a loop?
instead of looping through thousands of records, where you know they are not going to be needed/used.
J.29 May 2012
I rather have a while-loop.
Kilian Hekhuis22 Jun 2012
I'm pretty sure this has come up a few times before. Can't bother to search for it right now...
enigma7 Nov 2012
hey joost, you can do a WHILE loop with an IF =)
one possibility:
- create local variable VAR as integer and set it to 0
- create an IF and set its condition to: "VAR < 0"
- now point the true arrow to any assign/action etc that you want to be done
- and after your assigns/actions return to the IF
- now you only need to add 1 to VAR, for a specific condition, to leave the loop
just be carefull not to endup with an endless loop ;-)