Sort Assignments list in Assign element based on structure/table
Service Studio

When you assign a value to a variable. You can move the variable up and down in the Assignments list to keep it organised. 

If the Assignment list changes because attributes are added for what ever reason, they appear at the bottom. You can move them up and down, but that is a pain because you have to do that for each and every one. You can not do it by selecting multiple and you cannot drag & drop.

I would like to propose that the Assignments list in the Assign:

  • remain in sync with how they are ordered entity/structure. 
    • this means when you add an attribute in whatever place in f.e. the structure, it also appears on that position in the Assignment list
  • Sort/sync feature when needed.

Since the UI in this part of the screen is quite small, having this possibility would make a nice improvement :)