after publishing componenten make them IPP-free!

By J. on 30 May 2012

It happens rather often that developers publish/update components to the components-section with a filled IPP.
so after you have download the awesome component you have to go through the IPP-horror again.

What I like to see that Outsystems automatically strips the IPP from an published component so no errors can be made in that department.

It will make life easier and happier :)
Great Idea!

When a component is published to the agile network, it should automatically be processed by outsystems in the backend and released without IPP.
Joop Stringer4 Jun 2012
YES YES YES, I want this !!

Arlindo Lima19 Jul 2013

Now, uploading a component to the Forge automatically cleans the IPP.

May the Forge be with you all.