Refresh references for outdated producer directly from the notifying module
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When you publish a module and get a warnings about outdated producers (i.e. modules with outdated references), it would be handy to be able to right click on an outdated producer and have the option to refresh all references for it and republish it in one click without even opening it up.

Of course you would also want the option to open the module instead, in case you didn't want to refresh all dependencies, but this would be a great shortcut when you have a number of outdated producers. Or if you just opened up the module, it could automatically start up with the references open ready to be refreshed as required.

2020-04-15 12-37-35
Daniël Kuhlmann

So many ideas on this topic, all just a bit different from the other. Difficult to merge. Lets hope Project Neo fixes this troublesome dependency management in a more developer friendly way.