Property or Setting for Anonymous Role set by default

On our radar
If we have an public eSpace with anonymous access on every screen, we need to set it page by page.
It would be great if there was a property at eSpace level where we could say that the eSpace is 'public' or something else, and then, everytime we create a new web screen the 'Anonymous Role" would be checked.

This would save us some time in development and bug solving, because for each public screen without anonymous acess we get an access denied error (if we forget to set the anonymous role).
Created on 4 Jun 2012
Comments (3)
Why not give the anonymous user a specific role?
Because you need to logon to get a role?
I know there are some concerns regarding this feature.

One alternative when implementing such feature would be to have a Site Property - or something similar - that had a true default value.

This Site Property would automatically place a bar on top of every screen with a notification such as "You are using this application with an anonymous role".

This way we would have to specifically change the Site Property (action that got logged) and minimize the possibility of wrongfully deploying an aplication with anonymous set to true.