Add filtering/sorting on Training/Forums/Forge/Idea score on Community Leaderboard

It would be cool to see who has the most points scored on certain categories within the OutSystems Community. 

Currently it is not possible to either sort or filter on the categories Training/Forums/Forge/Ideas on the Community Leaderboard page.

Adding the filtering would also enable us to see a Community Top Ten for each category which would be interesting to see.

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On our RadarOn our radar

Hello Nordin,

The Community squad finds your idea a valuable one.
Due to our busy roadmap, we cannot commit with the idea in the current semester but we will keep it On our radar to develop later.

Thank you for helping improving our products,

Best regards.

Thanks for finding the idea to be valuable and you're most welcome Ricardo :)

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on 12 Aug 2022

Hello Nordin,

I'm happy to inform you that the leaderboard page was modernized and you can now sort the bt by:

  • Total ranking
  • Training
  • Forums
  • Forge 
  • Ideas

Thank you for helping OutSystems improve our community,

Kind regards.