User logout optional parameters

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It would be great to be able to pass some extra parameters to the User's User_Logout actions. Namely:
- Username to logout
- UserId to logout
- Terminate all users sessions or all but the current (for a given user)
Created on 12 Jun 2012
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So you want to be able to logout users based on the UserID. Saying you want to logout different users then yourself.

I thought the username isn't a unique field so that's not gonne work.

There is something to say for that, but why would you want that? I do like the option to terminate all user sessions :).
Various reasons. One of which would be to roll out a new feature that would require a set of users to logout to have access to them. 

It could also be used to force a user to log-in again after giving him  (or taking) roles / permissions.

It would be really helpful to be able to do this without having to log-out everyone.
Hello Ramos,

Have you ever thought about using the OnSessionStart action to revoke all rights and then login the user to grand all rights again?

This should do what you need (having the rights of the application set when the user visit the application.

Kind regards,