Input width in pixels

By André Ramos on 23 Jun 2012
For coherence between widgets since the dropdowns already have the size in pixels instead of characters and for improved compatibility between browsers. It's annoying to try to find how many pixels each character will take.
enigma26 Jun 2012
im afraid that thats a HTML "problem" =)

but maybe this can help you for a little workaround:


Where f is 2.54 for cm and 1 for inches.
PX = Pixels
DPI = Dots Per Inch

So... a 300 dpi pixel = 1/300 inches = 1/300*2.54 cm = 0.00847 cm

You just have to figure out howmany cm/inches is required by 1 character.
André Ramos26 Jun 2012
The size in pixels can be defined in CSS. That way we wouldn't be forced to make crazy calculations.