Allow 'Find' across all eSpaces

By Gerry on 3 Jul 2012
Comes in handy if you knew you did something in another application, but you don't remember where.
Kilian Hekhuis6 Jul 2012
Would be a dream to have it. Also, I can't imagine this is the first idea with this content. Too lazy to search...
Rebecca Hall8 Aug 2012
Could search capability be added to the "References Dashboard" to find elements?
Ameet Shah16 Dec 2015
Rebecca - do you use the References Dashaboard?  Can't I do same from within SS?

Any ideas on how to see if a system function is being used across espces?  
Rebecca Hall16 Dec 2015
Yeah. But we are getting so many that I can't open all of them. It crashes service studio. I use the references dashboard and use it like a checklist. 
Ameet Shah17 Dec 2015
Ah...I see.  makes sense.  Thanks for the quick response.