Offer an advanced developer boot camp

By Gerry on 3 Jul 2012
Outsystems should offer an advanced developer boot camp that covers advanced programming with the product.
Mário Araújo4 Jul 2012
Hi Gerry!

Thank you for sharing your idea.

We do offer Advanced Developer training in-house for customers and partners.

If you need further information, contact the team at

Thank you!
Kilian Hekhuis6 Jul 2012
Of course, the platform is so easy to fathom, you can be an all-you-can-know advance developer in no time without training. :)
Gerry23 Jul 2012
Actually, no it's not. The automatic stuff in Outsystems makes for great demo-ware, but NO ONE wants an application that way. In reality, you have to workaround almost everything. You need a style here, javascript there, a clever workaround there... It goes on and on. A class that brings together a lot of these things and how to do them in Outsystems is very important.