Create the possibility that entities from a xif (external db) are read-only somehow

By J. on 10 Jul 2012

you can set "normal" entities read-only in an espace so you can control the consistency of the data in the espace itself (expose them with actions etc.)

however, you cannot do the same thing with external-xif-entities.

what I like to see you could achieve the same as with "normal" entities.
set them read-only and create actions to CUD them in a designated espace.
Perhaps you can assign a designated espace to it which is allowed to do anything.
and the other espaces only can read those entities in queries.

hope I made myself a bit clear :)

Kilian Hekhuis24 Jul 2012
I understand what you're getting at, and indeed the problem would be the scope of the read-only, as the CRUD actions can't reside in the extension itself.
J.27 May 2015

Since we can set "normal" entities to read-only, I would like to see that in my extension as well.

With the exception that I can assign an espace to be able to use the CRUD-actions to wrap it.
I can do this no matter what, but to prevent other espaces to use the generated CRUD-actions is a pain.
This wil also help to create wrappers for entities with a multi-PK

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