Check screen role

On our radar
It would be nice to have the option to pass a screen id to the check role actions, to be able to check if the loged-in user as the permission to access a given screen.

For instance:
Let's say we have an entry point named BackofficeScreen,
Created on 19 Jul 2012
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Yes, that would be really handy.
Please let us knwo why do you need that...
To show a list of links with all pages to which an Administrator has access to? Seomthing else?
To be able to give a link only to a user which has the permission to see the screen. 

It would be great to somehow manage a menu in the database. Having two entities with links and not having to go trough the options and one by one add an if with a check permission arround.
Mostly for menus but also links/buttons oln screens which you can hide/show based on the permission of the page it goes to.

It's really weird to click on a button and in the preparation of the screen it's being denied because the user doesn't have the rights.