Ability to Code Conditional / Iterative Logic (Instead of only Drag / Dropping)

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I know we can can drag drop conditional /iterative logic but it would be nice if we can do that in code . If we need to do a lot of conditions on 1 page, it will take longer with the IDE to drag / drop,etc. Also, it would be easier to debug this way if we had a bunch of nested conditions,etc.
Created on 30 Jul 2012
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I'm not sure how you are visualising it.

1. It should be visual how the flow goes
2. we have switch statements
3. you can have inline-If-statements, but it does not make it readable per se.

furthermore, do enlighten me in what way it would be easier to debug?
Say there was a screen with a good amount of if conditions,etc. Approx 40. AMe, being a developer, it is sometimes easier seeing my if conditions in code, than visually on a flowchart. 
I see your point. You would like to write the flow instead of designing it because you are used to code and flowcharting is counter intuitive for you...
It would be nice to be able to see the code overview simliar to the page structure preview that is already in service studio.  Also make sure action elements with multiple values are visible on this list for easy checking and rearranging.

Although I see your point, I cannot visualize how 40 conditions will look better in code than in flowchart.

Currently you have to click through each element (i.e. Assign, Switch) to see what values are being set.  By seeing it in a list, you can see where element are being assigned within the context of the reset of the action.

1.   I know most of the other developers coming onto the platform struggle at first to make the transition between a flow chart and code.  This would help in this transistion.

2. You have to click each assign to see what is actually going on. 

If (value = true) 
   value1 = 1
   value2 = 2
   value3 = 3
end if

is quicker to read and debug (especially if you have an action with a large amount of code) than: