Offer automatic hiding of parameters in URL

By Gerry on 1 Aug 2012
Provide an option to automatically hide parameters in the URL.
João Melo24 Feb 2014
Isn't it a GET/POST question, guys?
J.25 Feb 2014
Assuming he means the default when intelliwarping i would say yes. I would love to intelliwarp CRUDs based on POST/session variables/...  and not GET
Kilian Hekhuis27 Aug 2012
Is that even possible? The whole idea of those parameters is that they are included in the call to IIS, and can be passed to the code handling the page.
Nuno Jorge18 Sep 2012
Have you tried to call an action in the button/link, this action has as destination the screen you want to call with his respective parameters? This way the url don't show the input parameters.