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It would be great to have a search functionality available on the espace tree, without having to go to the CTRL+G or CTRL+F to make a quick search for a simple action for instance.

This would search for the selected layer only. For instance if we are on the logic layer it would only search in the logic layer and on the data layer likewise.

Created on 2 Aug 2012
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That would indeed be a nice one. But like it more to be set as checkboxes in the normal search, just like when you search something in an action or screen you have the possiblity so search only in that screen/action.

So CTRL-F would have some (checkbox) options like:

- Only in actions
- Only in screens
- Only in CSS
- Only in data
- Only in current webflow


Would save a lot of searching trough the search results....at least for the CSS option.
Having it as a simple search in the search tree would bring some beneficts that the CTRL+F option would not: 
- Keeping the context (no pop-up and no place switch)
- Really fast because it would be a very limited search