create entityties using a SQL create table script

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Sometimes it's quicker to define a lot of entites using a sql script. The new excel thing looks perfectly but doesn't garantee all field types and specially sizes will be correct.
So add a menu option on the root of the entities containing the text "Import from sql script", only simple types can be used.
Created on 21 Apr 2010
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Hi Wim; can you elaborate what you mean?

I'm not seeing the link between an SQL create table script and a "the new Excel thing"

I thought there was a way of importing a Entity structure through the Integration Manager.
Doesn't that fit your needs?
Oh, I see what Wim means :) The "new Excel thing" is really "the new Excel thing" that was shown during the Next Step for a future versoin of the Platform.

I'll forward your concern to our R&D area, to see if this can be looked into.


Paulo Tavares