Input widget - extend the On Change properties

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The onchange-property works quite nicely, only it will fire a lot when you are typing.
There are use-cases when you have a sort of grid to be entered and you actually only want to save the input when the user hits enter (and loses focus to the next input-widget)

There can be a workaround by making an hidden-button etc. etc.
but what I really would like to see that the OnBlur will be made standard (alongside the Onchange) so we will have less ajax-calls.

Created on 8 Aug 2012
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So wouldn't you rather have an On Leave? I know I would. I find it very strange there's no On Leave. Would be very practical in case you want to, say, calculate and display some number based on user input.
Agreed, bump, etc.
Hi Kilian,

I believe there is no OnLeave event. The poster specified the OnBlur event, because that is what is used in ASP.NET to execute what he proposed. I don't know about Java, though.

Yeah, in javascript that's onblur. What I mean is that it shouldn't be called onblur in Service Studio.

Bump. I can't believe this was never implemented. 

I think there is way more and better use of a possible onblur/onlostfocus/onleave type of event than onchange.

I am also looking for the On leave functionality. Is there a way to achieve this?.