Revise the default ajax effects

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They were great when they first came out, but nowadays browsers are so fast that the effects are mostly akward because they appear and disappear too fast.
Created on 14 Aug 2012
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I still use them in some cases...
I use them too. The problem is that the effects in modern browsers are too fast now. They don't make a transiction effect anymore.
Well the highlighted just give a flash which is just right since the user will 'notice' something is changed.

The vertical slide and fade are mostly annoying and only right for the correct cases.

But if you also use them, what is the thing you want te revise then? What should it do? or what should it do not?
The vertical slide is too fast now. There is no transiction. There are a lot of uses for them but they need to be nice to look at.
and for example the loading-widget.
its in the bottom-left whe now some of the browsers are showing their own "loading info"