[Service Studio] Have the expression editor shortcut options in the extended properties pane

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When you'll need to fill in parameters in the extended properties pane in service studio it would be nice to have the same shortcut options as in the expression editor.

As example I've used an input variable which needs to be filled with the NullIdentifier(). Would be nice to only drop NI + <ctr> <space> having placed NullIdentifier(). Now I must open the expression editor or type the full name.

See attached screenshot for the clearified example.
 WotC suggestion extended properties.png
Created on 31 Aug 2012
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Last week I was just thinking to myself that something like that would be very useful, not only for extended properties but also for assignments. I often see myself opening the Expression Editor just for the autocomplete, which interupts with work flow.
Not sure how it would work.

Now with ctrl-space you are getting a list of the local variables + expression-editor.

what will the priority be if you happen to have a localvariable
names like 'NInkunpoo' or 'NotImplicit' ?


Imho a different suggestion would be to expand the list of local-variables and the expression-editor with the null-object.
The nulltype ofcourse depending on the type of parameter

Kilian, indeed if it would be implemented there it would also be usefull.

Joost, just like in the expression editor, both opions should be shown in that case. Just like when you write 'date' en press the ctr space all the date suggestions are show.

Getting the original expression editor would still be by dubble clicking it.